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Chiropractic is about Connection

Chiropractic is about Connection

Chiropractic improves the alignment and health of your spine;
reconnecting the flow of vital nerve energy to every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

“Every thought you’ve ever had, every movement you have ever made and sensation you have ever experienced has been dependent on nerve messages flowing freely throughout your body”

Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Speaker, Author & Chiropractor

Put simply, an aligned spine and well-connected nerve system allows your body to heal, perform and adapt better to the world around you so you can live the life you want to live.

Your team at Ibiza Chiropractic Centre

Every day our clients remind us of the power of the human body to heal itself when given the chance. We love to hear the excitement and amazement in their voice when they tell us how their lives have changed with their chiropractic care.

We care for people of all ages and needs who are looking for a natural, holistic, body-friendly approach to their health and wellbeing.

Give us a call and chat to one of our team to see if chiropractic is right for you.

Jans, Raijja, Pili, Antonietta & Belén

Jans, Raijja, Pili, Antonietta & Belén

Your team @ Centro Quiropráctico Ibiza

Ibiza Chiropractic Centre

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

High client

Natural &
drug free

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Are you well aligned and connected?

1 billion nerves controlling EVERYTHING in your body pass through your spine.

NS Woman Home Final nerves
1. Your nervous system is the control centre of your entire body, controlling 400 billion tasks per second!

JenniferArndtPhotography 2383.When spinal bones or vertebrae become misaligned, nerve messages between the brain and the body may be distorted. This poor brain-body connection can affect your body’s performance and ability to adapt to your environment & heal itself properly.

Spinal column

NS Woman Home Final bones2.Just as your skull protects your brain, your spinal column protects the nerves in your spinal cord.

JenniferArndtPhotography 1134.Chiropractors have extensive training to locate and correct spinal misalignments (subluxations) using specific chiropractic adjustments.

Ibiza Chiropractic Centre

What to expect?

First Visit

Chiropractic Assessment and Goals

Second Visit

Results, Tailored Care Plan & First Adjustment

Regular Visits

Adjustments and Ongoing Care

“The greatest miracle on Earth is the human body. It is stronger and wiser than you may realize, and improving its ability to self-heal is within your control.”

Dr Fabrizio Mancini

Google customer reviews Centro Quiropractico Ibiza
I came to this center after going through many professionals, after all kinds of tests and after having ozone infiltrated without any positive results. My pain is cervical, probably caused by bad positions, stress and lifting my children frequently... After a couple of months of adjustments, following the set program, I feel much better. The adjustments unlock me and I immediately feel better. And they don't hurt at all. Thank you very much to Jans who is charming, thank you very much Román who adjusts with so much love, and Carol, who always attends very attentively and friendly, giving all the facilities.... I hope to continue with you and that, as you told me, I can straighten my spine and consolidate my improvement.
Carmen Aurora Peral
Very good professional, they explain the procedure, how they can help you and you really notice the improvement with a few adjustments! At least in my case I am very happy, I feel a lot of physical improvement, I sleep better, I am less tired and less sore, especially in my arm since I came from a wrist operation and I could barely move my hand and in the first adjustment I was already moving my entire arm!!! Thanks a lot
Saray Yuste González
Since I first entered this chiropractic center, a little less than a year ago, my life has improved a lot. At the first appointment my mobility was very limited and my posture was unbalanced all day with constant pain. Now thanks to Dr. Jans and his team I am much better, not only because of the adjustments but also because of the daily advice they have given me. Dr. Jans is what treats me, he follows me with professionalism and attention from the first moment, he discovered an illness that I was unaware of and he helped me with adjustments, with dietary advice and with humane treatment... I advise all those who suffer and think that there is no solution, try it by contacting this center. Thank you!
Bruno Ribaldone
Magnificent team of professionals I have recovered from disabling back pain and my body posture has been corrected. I rate them 10 out of 10
Fran Campoy
Very good experience. After the follow up sessions, my improvement has been spectacular. I have gone from having extreme lower back pain to practically disappearing. Many thanks to the entire team for their treatment and professionalism.
Joan Amoros
I was in the office due to lower back pain. I was received very politely and asked very thoroughly what and where my problem was. After that, some tests were carried out which I found very helpful. I was treated by Raijja, who informed me very well about my problems and pain. He then treated me and after that I felt better immediately. He also emailed me preventive exercises. All in all highly recommended.
I went to a chiropractic center with many cervical problems. A constant headache and upper back pain were making my daily life a suffering. Thanks to Dr. Jans, I have a much better quality of life. He and his team have helped me from day 1 with my problem with great professionalism and through exhaustive and personalized work. Over the years I have gone to many places but none of them got to the cause of the problem so the pain always came back right away. I am really grateful.
Irene Mari Ramon
Jans is solving my back pain and my misalignment. The girls who receive you, Pili and Pilar are incredible, very friendly and smiling. Thanks to all the team!
Andrea Cruz
The truth is that when I went to the first appointment for the assessment I was quite skeptical about chiropractic. However, after just a few fitting sessions, I began to notice changes in the level of overload in the upper trunk (back, shoulders and neck), where I had been suffering from stiffness for a long time. The evolution has been very good. I highly recommend it! In addition, both the receptionists Pilar M., Pilar C., Antonietta and Belén, as well as the two chiropractors, Jans and Raijja, are very friendly, attentive and professional.
Tomeu Perelló Torrens
A 10 out of 10, I started my care in May and I have to say I feel phenomenal. The experience and professionalism are evident, my headaches have improved incredibly since I had the adjustments. Furthermore, the treatment is incredibly close and human, so necessary nowadays.
Ibinauta Chartering
I had a bad sciatic nerve press on my Holiday. My Doctor and Carol at the reception were so helpful and the treatment actually helped me get through the rest of my trip comfortably. I will strongly recommend them for chiropractic adjustments and correct advice. Thank you so much! Goodluck to you guys.
Asees Sandhu
Amazing clinic. Always super friendly and Jans is a miracle worker! Have shifted long standing problems including lower back issues and PMT with huge success, as well as acute shoulder pain which was 90% gone after a single session. The team always go the extra mile and care about their patients. I make my visits a regular part of my wellbeing routine and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you!
Polly Alexandre
FROZEN SHOULDER HEALED! I have been struggling with a frozen shoulder for over 3 years, I have not been able to raise my arm above shoulder height, have had pain when I try to sleep. I have tried physio, stretching, acupuncture, but nothing seemed to work. Dr Jans told me about a groundbreaking new technique (I can’t remember the name). After one session I had 90% range of motion back! Miracle. After 3 sessions it’s closer to 100%. I am so impressed.
Samantha Cranswick
I was on vacation and woke up with pain in my lower back, barely able to stand upright. Kira gave me an appointment for the same day and the doctor fixed me! He made a lot of time for me and explained a lot. If I were living in Ibiza I would now switch praxis 😀 I cab highly recommend the whole team! Thanks a lot again and all the best to you ❤️
Ka M
My work as a dentist in the last 30 years lead to orthopedic difficulties. In order to avoid unpleasant health situations, i'm patient of a chropractiker practice for over 20 years. During my holiday on Ibiza, i had a litle accident wich caused severe pain in the shoulder and i contacted Centro Quiropractico Ibiza. In 2 days i received an appoiment. Dr. Jans is very experienced, worked very gentle, in my opinion he is a very good chiropractiker. The next day i could sleep and enjoy my holiday without pain! Thank You!
Calin Marian

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