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Men’s health

Men’s health

Issue 8 – Quarter 4 2023

Men’s health is one thing that chiropractic can help with, so please use it. If you are a lady reading this, do yourself a favour and send in your husband and boys.

The simplicity of chiropractic is easy for men to understand. Chiropractic has a logical side to it that makes sense to most men. For example, when the body is more balanced, when the spinal curves are within normal anatomical measurements and when there is less tension in the body, most men understand that this is of benefit to them.

The catch and hurdle for most men is to make time for themselves. Most men wait until their body is “broken” before they seek help. And even when it is broken, men will do the absolute minimum to allow them to get through their day.

With women, on the other hand, it is easier for them to support one another and naturally take better care of their bodies. I know this is a generalization but you get my point.

  • Men generally need a nudge to take care of themselves.
  • Men often require an emergency to attend to their body.
  • Men are too busy “hunting” for their families to make time for their health.

When us men talk, we tend to discuss sport, business, retirement planning, our children and our partners – but unless we are sick, we rarely discuss our current levels of health.

The irony is that most of us men bottle up our emotions, stress, sporting injuries and even car
accidents. The accumulative result is that by the time you turn 40 years old and haven’t had much body work done, there is an intense translation of the “story of your life” stored in your body.

Men's health

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