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Are you humanist?

Are you humanist?

Issue 5 - Quarter 3 2023

Being a humanist boils down to one question; Do you have a friendly relationship with your body?

Given the current state of polarisation in the world today, it’s easy to be lured into having opinions about a range of topics that you, as an individual, have not lasting effect on. Turn on the news and you will be confronted with financial melt downs, wars (again), a lack of trust in politicians and well, that the environment is going to end and of course that bankers take our money in the form of risky investments and bonuses.

But what about you? Where do you stand in all of this? What are you thinking or doing to ensure that your gift called life is still moving forward? How is your current state of affairs affecting your health, your family, friends and community? How are you relating with yourself and the world around you in all the turmoil?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” was a term coined by Gandhi. One often overlooked approach to improving the world around you is starting with yourself, specifically with your body.

The good news is that chiropractic can play a relatively easy role in improving the state of your body through chiropractic adjustments. Regular long term chiropractic care potentially gives you more capacity to handle the stress life.

How your body works effects everything you do. It becomes challenging to be friendly with yourself, be a loving parent, be a loyal friend, make accurate decisions at your work or contribute to a better world if your body is in pain, does not have enough energy, has low grade quality sleep or when your immune system is constantly challenged. I urge you to focus on yourself for at least this quarter

As your chiropractor, we have such a privilege with the perspective we get of you. We don’t take that privilege and trust lightly. The very action of you laying down in front of us means we get to meet you in a friendlier, more vulnerable state. Start with building a better you. Start with your body with the chiropractic adjustment. Let’s make our body, family, friends, community and world a friendlier place to be.

Numero 5 Trimestre 3 2023

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