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Your body is a part of nature

Your body is a part of nature

Issue 3 – Quarter 1 2023

Calming for the soul and good for us all, spending time outdoors offers us precious breathing space away from the stresses and strains of modern life. Nature is governed by an intelligence; a universal intelligence.

This intelligence also runs through us humans. The less interference in the framework of your body (subluxations), the easier it is for this intelligence to flow through your body. Freeing your body of subluxations through the chiropractic adjustment not only gives you more capacity to handle the stress of life, it gives you way more grace and ease in your body.

Just like nature has constant processes unfolding, so does your body. Just like nature, chiropractic is not an event, it’s a process. Sticking with long term chiropractic care allows the natural cleverness of your body to work better than if you are not having long term chiropractic care.

If you value nature, you make very different decisions for your health and that of your family. The clothes you wear, the holidays you go on, the cleaning goods you use, the cosmetics and personal hygiene products that you apply, the food you eat and the medicine you take are all based on how
much you fundamentally value nature.

Chiropractic is the largest drug fee, surgical free, natural health care system in the world and hundreds of thousands of chiropractic adjustments are given every year.

What works for nature also works for your body. What harms nature also harms you.

Let’s make 2023 a more natural year for your body.

Jans, Raijja, Pili & Pilar
Your team @ centro.quiro.ibiza

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