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Woman’s health

Woman’s health

Issue 4 - Quarter 2 2023

Get to know the cyclical nature of your feminine rhythm.

A fact that you might not know is that approximately 70% of our clients are women.

Maybe it’s because women naturally tend to take better care of themselves or that men often to wait to address their body when it’s broken. Women tend to be juggling way more aspects of their lives and see the absolute necessity in keeping their body balanced so they can better take care of themselves, their families, their work and be more comfortable in their bodies.

Most women that we see in our practice with hormonal issues experience chronic, unresolved low-grade stress in their lives. They try to be “super woman” and are often juggling being a mother with work and other tasks. They might feel aggravated, have achy joints, brain fog, swollen, feeling tired and wired, headaches, irritable and fatigued with multiple mood swings. How does being in a “fight & flight / stressed state” most of the time, affect your brain and (central) nervous system, your hormonal system, your sleep, your metabolism, your ability to lose weight and your ability to relax?

Imagine the pedals in your car; one is the go-go-go-gas pedal, which gets you up and go to work, take your kids to soccer, doing the groceries in between or after work etc, and the other pedal, your “stop or brake”, which is what is called your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS); your brake allows your “rest & digest” state to take control, which asks for gentle movement, deep breathing and anything that will help you relax and digest your meals. It supports your digestive system, your immune system and your reproductive system. We stop our PNS if we always put our foot on the go-go-go-gas pedal.

As chiropractors we influence your brain and central nervous system (CNS) directly through the chiropractic adjustment. Healing happens in your brain and your hormones are also mostly controlled by your brain. When your nervous system is more balanced; your own internal pharmacy will produce the right amount of hormones at the perfect time to support your health and life in the best possible way. Also, when your CNS is more balanced, graceful and at ease, you will find it easier to switch between the go-go and stop pedals.

Life is a constant change for both man and woman but with the extra, more intense monthly rhythms of the female hormonal cycle, these changes can be more distinct in the female. Your energy levels, food cravings, sleep quality and even your body temperature alters greatly depending on the phase of your cycle you are in.

Some fundamental ways to help your hormonal system remain somewhat balanced is through chiropractic care, daily movement, some “me time” when required and keeping your body hydrated.

Yours in health,

Jans, Raijja, Pili & Pilar
Your team @ CQI

Your team at Ibiza Chiropractic Centre

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