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Your body’s framework matters

Your body’s framework matters

Issue 2 - Quarter 4 2022

Posture is critical for your cosmetic appearance and self confidence, your brain’s functionality and your memory as you age.

Most people understand that sleep, exercise, a healthy social setting and an ideal body weight are important factors in long term health. There does however, seem to be a massive gap in most people’s understanding of the implications that an inefficient posture and framework have. When the body is not assembled well, your posture slowly transforms into a “passive drain” instead of a proactive, well toned frame.

“Stand up straight” sounds easy but if that is not the natural tendency of your body, it simply takes too much effort to do so. You can’t rely on mental discipline to stand up straight if your body has other plans.

So if you find yourself struggling with standing up straight in an easy and relaxed manner, chances are you need your body’s framework assessed.

For example in your pelvis, your spine’s foundation, you have got muscles above and below your pelvis, left and right and also front and back. These muscles need to work as team to provide a solid base for your brain, spinal cord and vertebral column to rest upon. Every time you come for your chiropractic adjustments, we ensure that these muscle groups are providing balance to your body.

Your posture changes in response to stress. Your posture is essentially your body’s response to the specific stressors you have had in your life.

You can list out all the specific stressors you have in your life so you are aware of them, but there are 3 major categories of stressors that cause your body to develop the posture it has, these are;

  1. Physical stress.
  2. Mental stress.
  3. Chemical stress.

Consider for a moment; these three stressors cause the framework of your body to change as you age. The changes in your body’s posture, in turn, leads to less capacity for you to deal with stress because the body’s ability to adapt is slowly diminished. When your body has taken all it can (and it can take quite a bit!) symptoms such as stiffness, headaches, poor sleep, fatigue, mood swings and an inability to concentrate may manifest.

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