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Your body is clever

Your body is clever

Issue 1 – Quarter 3 2022

Just how clever is your body? Sure, your mind, with all of its random chatter is intelligent but what if the mind is only a part that belongs to the whole body and it is the body that is in and of itself intelligent?

Your body effects your mind equally as much as your mind effects your body.

In fact, today your body:

  • Blinked 15,000 times.
  • Produced 1.5 litres of urine to clean itself.
  • Held its temperature constant.
  • Made your heartbeat 105,000 times.
  • Inhaled more than 2 million litres of air.
  • Shed over 100,000 particles of skin.
  • Allowed your blood to travel more than 80,000 kilometres.
  • Produced 25,000 cells every second.

All this was achieved without a single thought from you. So cherish it’s cleverness

To help this cleverness, the chiropractic adjustment serves to organise your body so that this intelligence can be dispersed throughout it in an uninhibited way. Take a moment, if you will, to consider how clever, resilient and rhythmic nature is. Us humans live in an eco-system that is intelligent beyond our wildest dreams. Rain fall, sunrises, moon cycles and our seasons all happen so eloquently with such a reliable and perfectly orchestrated rhythm.

Chiropractic focus

We are a part of this clever natural rhythm. In fact, the same intelligence that runs the nature I’ve just listed also runs your body.

This eco system is also extremely interconnected. In fact, scientists propose that a butterfly flapping its wings in the amazon rain forest in Brazil has the potential to cause a tsunami thousands of kilometers away in Indonesia. And us humans, on a basic animalistic context, are a part of this eco system.

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